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What's a YIMBY?

A YIMBY is someone who says Yes, In My Back Yard. It's someone who welcomes positive change in their community. And isn't afraid to do something about it. Is that you?


Do you want more affordable housing? Do you support cycleways and an active walking and cycling network? Are you up for living in a buzzy city with nightlife and outdoor dining? Do you welcome new business and new residents in your neighbourhood? Do you back funding and spaces for arts and culture? Do you say yes to tangible action on climate change, like rain gardens and trees rather than car parks? 

Then join our squad and amplify your YES!

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What's a YIMBY
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Do you like trees, bike lanes, space for art and a pumping nightlife?

And how about affordable housing and climate action?

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Are You a YIMBY 2

Quite often, when courageous leaders try to make positive change, we hear the NO! louder than the YES!

The voices of NO are loud, they know how the system works and they have a lot of influence. Can you help amplify the YES?

They are people who say Not In My Back Yard.

Otherwise known as a NIMBY.  

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We need your voice. Without you, positive progress can be stopped by NIMBY voices.

We need YOU to create a balance - to speak for new generations and the voices that aren’t at the table - it's good for you and good for our city.

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Join our YIMBY Squad and learn how easy it for your voice to actually make a difference. 

And proactively say Yes In My Back Yard!

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Join Our YIMBY Squad

We'll help you say YES to good stuff.

What do you want to see?

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Join YIMBY Squad

Check out campaigns and organisations that are doing great work in Sydney and are helping to progress YIMBY principles

A list of books, articles, podcasts, videos, websites to inspire, motivate and activate your inner YIMBY.  

A toolbox for an active citizen. Want to write a letter to your MP? Start a campaign? Organise a protest? 

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Hi I'm Jess Scully!

and welcome to YIMBY Sydney!

I am a bonafide YIMBY, a long-time creative-sector worker, nightlife advocate and the Councillor at the City of Sydney.


I understand what it takes to make positive change at a local level and I know politics is a major tool for positive impact, but I also see who doesn’t get involved in local decision-making: people like you. People who are younger than 60, people who are renters, people who come from a non-English speaking background, people who don’t work conventional 9 to 5 jobs. Sound like you or anyone you know? We need you.


Local decision-making has a direct impact on your experience of living in this city, and it relies on public consultation and the voices of our community, but we are far more likely to hear from the voices of NO than the voices of YES: voices in support of trees and gardens, music, art and nightlife, cyclists and pedestrians.


It is really frustrating, because I know there are a lot of like minded YIMBYs out there who just assume that these issues are no brainers - but here’s the thing - until you step up, back courageous leaders and tell us that you want them, they will continue to be NIMBY roadkill. 

If you want that greener, more creative, inclusive and exciting world, we need you to step up and raise your voice. If you don’t know how you can be part of the positive future you want to see, we’ll help you.


So join our YIMBY SQUAD and learn exactly how to balance the conversation and make your voice literally count by telling us that you want good things to happen in your city. We need to make sure our politicians have the license to be bold and make decisions that reflect our community - we need active citizens who know how to show up when it counts!

About YIMBY Sydney
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